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Target the Prized Fish of The Central Coast

Choose from one of our packages below to determine what fish you want to target during your trip. We'll provide seasonal recommendations and do our best to put you on your trophy.

Open party trips must have at least 3 seats booked to run.


Full-Day Rates — Max Capacity 4 Passengers

Open Party or Private Charter Trips

Open Party:
Priced per Person
Book your Spot or Book for a Group

Private Charter:
Rockfish/Lingcod — $1000
All Others — $1200

Fuel Surcharges:

San Simeon — $50pp

Big Sur — $75pp

$1000 / private charter
$250 / person


$1200 / private charter
$300 / person


$1200 / private charter
$300 / person


$1200 / private charter
$300 / person



Target a variety of rockfish species, ranging from Reds and Coppers, to Gophers and Treefish. Have a shot at hooking into the notorious reef-bully, the Lingcod as well.

Guaranteed catch, even on slow days, and come home with all the necessities for a fish fry! We'll even provide some of our favorite recipes for you to try.

vermillion rockfish


red rockfish
lingcod fishing
morro bay halibut
california halibut



Rockfish and lingcod are cool but are nothing compared to the elusive California Halibut. These flatfish yield some of the best white meat that swims in the ocean and are fair game to target year-round.

Not to mention, they tend to get quite large (some over 30 pounds)! Exclusively target halibut—or target rockfish and lings for half the day, then try for a chance of a halibut depending on their peak feeding times.



June - September is when we start seeing some larger halibut and white sea bass come through.

This package is intended for anglers who have caught their fair share of rockfish and want a shot at a trophy halibut or white sea bass. Come out to try and put one of these monsters on the deck.


white sea bass


morro bay white sea bass
morro bay salmon
morro bay king salmon
king salmon morro bay




We have seen some nice king salmon runs from May - July in the recent years. Because these fish are so sought-after and require special gear to target, it's one of our more expensive packages.

However, pound-for-pound, there's nothing that swims near-shore on the Central Coast that comes close to the fight a large salmon puts up (or tastes as delicious).



The following are our 3 specialty packages. These trips tend to be long-range or extended duration, so come prepared!

1. Jurassic Park Package - $400/ person: Run 60 miles up the coast to the untouched waters of Big Sur and Cape San Martin to catch massive lingcod, rockfish, and halibut.

2. White Sea Bass - $400/person, 3 people max: Only offered July - mid-October if squid are spawning, squid lights and sleeping areas provided.

3. Bluewater Package - $600/person: Run offshore to chase some of the tuna species that frequent our coasts such as bluefin, albacore, and bonita. If the conditions don't permit we will fish inshore as a fallback.

bluefin tuna morro bay
sea bass morro bay
morro bay bluefin tuna
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